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Cotswold Animal Park - Burford, The Cotswolds
The Cotswolds Guide

Cotswold Animal Park - Burford

Cotswold Animal Park

The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens is situated close to Burford, Oxfordshire on the A361, off the main A40 road that runs between Oxford and Cheltenham.  It is set in 160 acres of parkland and gardens and is home to a large number of creatures, including some monster creepy crawlies!

The park is divided into four sections, offering visitors a wide range of animals and birds to view.  The Herpetology and Invertebrate Section houses a large number of different creatures; from crocodiles, snakes, lizards and tortoises in the Reptile House, to a range of frog species in the Amphibian House, with tarantulas, scorpions and leaf-cutter ants in the Invertebrate and Insect House.

The East Section of the Park is a sheltered, walled garden, providing the perfect conditions for a number of different animals and birds, including one of the largest and most comprehensive bird collections in the U.K.  The warm and sheltered conditions allow visitors to study tropical plant and animal species, including the Linne’s Two-toed Sloth.  In the East Section it is also possible to see a wide range of primates, birds, ungulates and small mammals.

The South Section houses some of the larger mammals such as the big cats (Amur Leopards and Asiatic Lions) and primates.  There are also some large ungulates here, including the white rhinoceros.  The small mammal display includes bats and red panda and there are also several birds of prey to be seen here.

Finally, the West Section of the park allows visitors to get up-close and personal with the animals!  This area has a Children’s Farmyard where young children and adults can approach the domestic animals such as donkeys, goats and sheep.here is also a South American area housing tapirs, white-lipped peccary and capybara. It is also possible to view wolves, wallabies and some bird species here.

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